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Bicycle Appraisal Service

How much is your used bicycle worth?

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Bicycle appraisal — $25.00

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Email the following information:

1) Five or more photos of your bicycle. Show all sides and some detail photographs.

2) Make, and model of bicycle is a must! Year and age if possible.

3) Wheel size (24, 26, 27, 700c etc.) and tire condition. Are the tires flat? Do they need replacement?

4) Does your bicycle have gears or a derailleur? Can it be shifted and do all gears function? What is the derailleur or hub brand or manufacture name?

5) Hand brakes or coaster brakes? Do they work? Missing any parts?

6) What is the seat condition? Any tears, rips or damage?

7) Any loose, damaged or missing spokes? Are the wheels true or bent? Are they rusty?

8) What is the paint condition? Are the factory decals still in place? Is the bike rusty? Has the bicycle been repainted?

9) We do not appraise mountain bikes or BMX bikes.

E-mail five (5) or more digital photos showing the entire bike including some close-up images. We also need to know the make, model, wheel size, and gearing information. What is the paint condition? Does the bike have any rust? We do not work with mountain bikes or BMX bikes. The more information you supply, the more accurate our appraisal. Not being able to inspect your bike in person, means we can not assume or guess regarding your bicycle’s condition, road worthiness and so on. Cost for our professional (retail market value) appraisal is $25, payable with PayPal (Visa, MasterCard, Discover card and many others). Click on the “Buy Now” button below or phone with your credit card information. Our appraisal is based on our own opinion of the retail value of your bicycle in our part of the United States. These are not trade-in nor wholesale values. If we are unable to give you an appraisal we will promptly issue you a full refund.

We have been in the bicycle appraisal service for over ten years and also offer appraisals for insurance company’s. RicksBicycles will accept prepayment checks from reputable insurance company’s only. All bicycle appraisals must be prepaid!



No phone, “blind” or free appraisals. No “ball-park” guesses on your bicycles’ value. If it is important you receive an honest professional appraisal on your bicycle, the cost is (prepayment required) $25. Our appraisal’s are based on the information and photographs submitted by you.